Rishi Yoga Courses

He is the sun – Tha is the moon. Those 2 energies become one will power, a force of body which is used to bring the balance of harmony with different techniques mixing posture and breathing.

Kundalini Yoga
The chakra is energy centers situated inside the spinal column of each human body. This is one invisible power force (called shakti ) which you can awake with certain a type of Kundalini yoga method

Ashtanga or Power yoga
after long practice of Vedic system, Ashtanga yoga can be called power yoga (shakti) because your body generates internal heat itself. This energy encourages flexibility, helps to detoxify all your body and settle mental peace.

Bhakti yoga
Focuses your energy to worship the Universal Energy with heart and mind.

Raja yoga
This is the level of yogi can reach when they control their spirit beyond their mental.

Karma yoga
It is a work of your body and your mind in order to develop positive thinking. Acting in a right way will bring you positive energy.

Tantra Yoga or Karma Sutra
This yoga is used in Indian culture in couple relationships. It enables to live an authentic relationship and step by step learn with help of respiration to control your mind & body in order to live with pleasure, joy, and purity.

White tantra yoga
This is the art of purifying consciousness and create a meditative state of mind between two persons. This is a spiritual method used by Indians or in a Buddhist culture.