Meditation Retreats

Meditation Retreats at Rishi Yoga Centre

Meditation is an ancient and powerful science from India`s Rishi`s, Muni’s, Sages and Yogis. Meditation keeps your mind clear, relaxed and free from stress and tension, Trough sincere practice of both active and passive asana, breathing techniques, chanting and Sadhana, (dhyana Meditation ), yogic meditation can heal, energize and elevate your energy level.

Our mind releases a thousand thoughts by the wink of an eye .some of these thoughts get lost in the unconscious, and some of them get stuck in the subconscious and affect the conscious mind.

These thoughts later become emotions, desires, feelings, and fantasies. If the mind is not right in tune with direct connection of light, the energy level can fall, be causing stress, tension, and worries in life. Having Mastery over the mind, by deep meditation, a yogi can consciously reach to a calm, peaceful, and harmonious light state of mind.

Guided meditation (5 days)
Yogi Shivam guides you into the deep relaxation of the mind and deep meditation, using the techniques of visualization, mindfulness, and breath awareness. Yogic meditation method and stories.

Patanjali sutra meditation 
This is one of the ancient and first scientific methods from India offering an insight and understanding of the art of life. This technique can help people to deal more healthy with mental afflictions, such as anger, jealousy, hate, doubt, low self-esteem, and depression. This unique method of meditation can help you to grow in deep sadhana meditation and uplift your inner self.

Meditation for peace of mind and heart 
Once you have learned meditation from heart your body will be energized and floods of energy will run through your whole being, giving you a new energy flow in the body .some times we lose our energy and become tired, fatigued, lazy, or don’t know what to do.

This unique method which Yogi Shivam learned from his spiritual master is meant to heal yourself and others and get some new energy which will fill you up with light meditation. Meditation can change your whole being. Everyday practice from mantra chanting or the daily practice of meditation can lead you to a trance state called Samadhi. This you can receive from the right technique of meditation with a true master.

White tantric yoga meditation
White tantra has been teaching by yogi bhajan in U.S. this great yogi comes from the Sikh tradition Yogi Shivam is teaching his art of tantra which he learned from. Shivam shares his tantric wisdom of body/mind connection to those people, who wish to use their energy right to live a more healthy, happy, holy life.

The body is a useful tool, and through using it rightly, we can learn more about our own energy which can transform suffering, misery, sadness, and unhealthy living. We all have lots of problems and a hundred small problems on our mind, when we open one door in the mind into one problem, a hundred other problems seem to follow.

Through higher level of mastery of mind gained by deep meditation, we can cross further into a state there is clear, clean and pure and where love becomes the power of meditation

Vipassana Meditation 
This is oldest method of meditation which has helped thousands of people to get free from personal problems .this is one of the easiest and simple methods to watch the mind with breath. The mind is like an ocean filled with waves (disturbances) therefore it is difficult to meditate on the nature of mind is to run so fast that we can’t control it. As we enter ourselves with this beautiful method of meditation, we start to find the key to a calm peaceful , and joyful mind.

This mind becomes more beautiful, relaxed, humble kind and loving. This more compassionate state can come through meditation.