Why House Fitness Machines Are A Waste Of Money

Home physical fitness devices are beginning to become a pattern in the physical fitness market, and to me, that’s both a good and a bad thing.

It’s a good idea considering that I’m glad to see people getting away from health clubs and not making reasons to exercise. By getting home health and fitness devices they’ll be more likely to workout and also begin losing a couple of extra pounds to obtain in terrific form.

The reasons I think it’s bad is due to the fact that I simply don’t think that you need to invest all that money in home health and fitness equipment. You can buy a few dumbbells for a fraction of the cost and obtain a much better workout! read more

Introduction to the Ashtanga Primary Series – Rishi Yoga India

The first series of the Ashtanga yoga system is known as Yoga Chikitsa, which translates as Yoga Therapy. At a time when many try to challenge Ashtanga yoga as too hard or not appropriate for their age or body type, it is important to remember the intended use of the practice of the first series.

Taught by skilled instructors, Ashtanga yoga is appropriate for all ages and body types. In fact, I would argue that Ashtanga yoga taught in the Mysore style is the most appropriate yoga for all because students are taught to practice only what they are capable of safely doing. read more

Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Mcleodganj

Yogi Shivam at Rishi Yoga Center offers professional and traditional Yoga teacher training courses throughout the year at its newly built yoga center at Upper Bhagsu, near Mcleodganj, Dharamshala.

Shivam Yogi

Yogi Shivam has been teaching and practicing yoga for 20 years now and has been a great source of inspiration to his yoga students. The courses are recognized by Yoga Alliance International and are a govt.registered center.

Yoga Course dates for The year 2016

  • 1st March to 29th March
  • 1st April to 29th April
  • 1st May to 29th May
  • read more

    Welcome to Rishi Yoga Centre – Mcleodganj at Dharamsala

    Yoga” is a Sanskrit word which means “union with light”. Yoga means to be in your inner being. Yoga is a purely scientific technique developed by Patanjali. “Rishi” who is Father of yoga. Patanjali explains in his explanation is to make the people free from sickness of negative thoughts and become free from stress and tension. Then they will able to focus themselves on right direction of inner light.

    Rishi Yoga Centre, run by an expert yoga a spiritual teacher – Yogi Shivam, who has in his vast record experience of many different Yoga forms like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Power Yoga. The center also offers spiritual healing with self-meditation and provides the ancient technique of Indian healing with Ayurveda rejuvenating courses. read more